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10 ways to be yourself & build your brand on social media


April 9, 2015

As of January 2014, 74% of online adults were using social networking sites. With almost 3/4 of our population active on social media today, it’s critical for brands, businesses, marketers, and corporate executives to have an online social presence – and many of them do – which is great, but are they using social media the right way?

According to an article from ClickZ, an overwhelming majority of brands on social seem to fall into one of two categories. Either they don’t know what to say to their target audience and sit in silence with their pages inactive, or they’re broadcasting the same old promotional messages over and over again.

Crafting meaningful messages can help – of course, to attract more followers and grow your audience – but at the same time, simply being yourself may be the easiest way to win on social media.

Click Z outlines 10 ways to humanize your brand on social media, including things like not being a stranger, letting your audience know there are real people on the other end of their computer screen or mobile device, humanizing your posts by talking in the first person and avoiding “corporate speak,” and believe it or not – having a sense of humor.

See their full list here!