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100% Viewable Ads Are Here


November 12, 2015

Google has developed a way to bypass ad-blocking software: the 100% viewable ad. Because Google’s revenue is largely composed of advertisement sales, the company is attempting to ease advertisers’ concerns.
Advertisers’ concerns stem from Google’s estimate that less than 56% of display ads are actually viewed by web browsers. Ad-blocking software, which prevents ads from being seen while browsing the web, has worsened the issue.
Google is now developing the formatting for the proposed 100% in-view ad, which is expected to be released within the next few months. Facebook has stated it will also begin to sell 100% in-view ads to its advertisers in the coming months.
Ads are about to become an unavoidable part of millennials’ online and social media browsing experience, despite the limited details on this new development.
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