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3 brilliant LinkedIn summaries that will inspire you to update yours


June 16, 2015

Whether you’re a college student looking for an internship or a full-time job, or already developed in your career and just want a change, you know that with LinkedIn, you are just one click away from finding a perfect job. You would probably do anything in your power to land that perfect job. So why not spend time perfecting your LinkedIn profile and giving it more of a spark?

Mashable found a perfect method and provided some clever examples for you to add that spark and get noticed by potential employers. They’ve realized that LinkedIn users should take advantage of the “Summary” section on their profile that most people overlook. LinkedIn, by its nature, is a social networking site. Mashable is proposing that we take the networking site’s social aspect and expand on it in the “Summary” section.

They recommend that you use that space to garner attention you normally wouldn’t, to say things you normally would leave out of your resume or cover letter due to lack of space. Write something you know isn’t common, but something that describes who you are, as an employee and as a person.

For more info and to see those great examples, read more.