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September 29, 2013

Too often, brands attempt to come to market without basic pieces in place. In order for your brand to survive its initial launch, there are a view items that are an absolute must. Based on my experience launching brands, and the collective thought of the team here at Princeton Partners, I’ve compiled a list of absolute must-haves in order to achieve a successful, hiccup-free brand launch…

  • Brand Mission
    •  Every brand needs to be able to articulate to their customers why they exist in the world and what the goal of being in business is.
  • Brand Vision
    • A very high level goal of what you hope your company will be able to achieve in society. (For example – PepsiCo wants to “improve all aspects of the world in which we operate” ).
  • Creative Back Story
    • Your brand obviously started somewhere -either with one person’s crazy idea or as the result of a major turning point in someone’s life or career. Being able to tell the back story and history makes people more endeared to the brand, driving loyalty.
  • Content! Content! Content!

The key to success in today’s digital environment is the creation of rich and unique content that can live across multiple platforms. Customer’s use content to drive their learning process – it helps them make purchasing decisions before ever contacting the company.