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Bringing Work Home with You


January 24, 2017

And, no, I don’t mean in a briefcase.


In the past, I’ve written mostly about workplace productivity. I have collected many tools, tricks, and tips for maximizing your time at work. I have even offered guidelines for others to learn from.

Fitness and health are another two areas of my life I invest a lot of time, energy, and effort into.  When the new year came around a short while ago, I heard the familiar echoes of people all around me creating health and wellness related resolutions.

The unfortunate truth is that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. It occurred to me that a lot of the strategies I use to be productive at work could be useful in helping people become part of the 8% that succeeds. The tools you employ to achieve goals at work can help you achieve your personal goals as well.

I’ve compiled three ‘work’ related strategies that have carried over into my personal life and helped me achieve and maintain my fitness goals.

  1. Identify one issue or bad habit and tackle it head on. Projects at work are done in steps. Websites aren’t built overnight and campaigns aren’t fabricated out of thin air. Do you want to run your first marathon? Start by running you first mile and work your way up. Trying to lose weight? Cut out soda and then go from there. When you focus on one challenge at a time, it can curb the daunting feeling you get when you think about everything you must do to accomplish your end goal.
  2. Prep. You wouldn’t show up for a pitch unprepared, would you? It’s the same when it comes to your health. Make a schedule of when you will exercise and work your other responsibilities around it. Prep your food for the week on Sunday so all you have to do is grab and go.
  3. Minimize your stress. Take the necessary steps to relax. Listen to music, do a breathing exercise, or, weather permitting, go for a stroll (this hasn’t been an option these rainy days at Princeton Partners, but come spring you can spot PPI employees enjoying some sun in Forrestal Village). Overwhelming stress can cause you to lose sight of your long-term goals and misstep in the moment. Managing your stress will help you manage your goals.

There can be benefits to bringing work home with you. Apply these strategies to your own resolutions; and be sure to keep us informed on your success!