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Dennis Nobile

September 19, 2017
Dennis Nobile

Which of the following would you like to see filmed with an iPhone?

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. The Championships at Wimbledon
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  4. None of the Above


It’s a question that answers itself, of course.  And, for marketing and media professionals, it raises another – somewhat existential – question. How do we justify producing exceptional, high-end product in a world of DIY, low-tech video content of dubious quality?

Princeton Partner’s recent experience producing a series of spots offers valuable insights into this dilemma.

The goal of our latest production endeavor was to create top-of-mind content for our client that established a strong brand identity and would be effective for broadcast/cable as well as social media platforms. An additional challenge was the very short window we had to concept, produce and deliver multiple spots.

Success came down to three parallel and complementary strategies:

  • Concepting for the Medium: More than ever, film is a visual medium. In the social media ecosystem, images must quickly capture the viewer and often tell the story without the benefit of sound. The creative team at PPI developed a number of treatments that employed humor and distinctive visual styles. Brand identity was further solidified through a strong, jazz-flavored call-to-action that ends each spot. The client shared our enthusiasm and together we narrowed it down to two treatments with :30 and :15 versions of each.


  • Creative Partnering: Our ambitious approach demanded a partner with the expertise and passion to help bring it to life. We found such a partner in Alkemy X (A-X), one of the top production firms on the East Coast. In short order, A-X marshaled a world-class team that seamlessly integrated with ours. Together we fine-tuned a host of creative elements and navigated a sea of production logistics. Within a week, we were filming. A week after production, we had one of the most positive client screenings I‘ve ever experienced. The spots aired days later.


  • Economy of Execution: Pre-production will make or break you and a great benefit of having an in-house producer is the ability to approach a project as filmmakers as well as marketers. This internal expertise enabled us to structure our creative approach and RFP to ensure that every production dollar was amplified on screen.

As marketing professionals, we must be judicious when using limited dollars and resources to promote our client’s message. The campaign we created this summer is a great example of how you can think both big and smart to create lasting value.


Check out the final products here: