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Can a PIG Foster Diversity, Collaboration and Innovation?

Tom Sullivan

June 26, 2017
Tom Sullivan

This Thursday, June 29th, we are celebrating the launch of the Princeton Innovators Guild at our 10,300 square foot space in Princeton Forrestal Village.  The idea for PIG, the acronym we are embracing through our flying mascot named Edison, came from business-owners who have been collaborating with Princeton Partners in the same workspace. The team includes Jeff Marcus, managing partner of Predict, Alberto and Dana Molina, owners of SureTech, and my team of brand marketers at Princeton Partners.

We have worked closely with Predict to serve clients with data-driven marketing solutions and rely on SureTech as our IT services partner. The co-location of our teams has allowed us to utilize each other’s respective expertise to solve client problems, and to produce innovative ideas both for our clients and for ourselves. We have experienced the value of collaboration and now want to open that community up to entrepreneurs and other small businesses.

With collaboration as the backbone of the PIG, and the driver of new ideas, resources and opportunities, it is important to understand what goes into that.  To foster creative collaboration, I have found a few things that work:


Embrace Diversity

I see diversity as a critical element for growth and development. It’s easy to get along with a team, that thinks like you, acts like you, and agrees with you. But that is not a way to challenge the status quo and generate innovative ideas. By embracing employees’ different perspectives, backgrounds and cultures, we can spark creative ideas, better understand and serve our customers, and gain competitive advantages. Nielson found that ideas developed by teams of three or more people have 156 percent greater appeal with consumers than those developed by teams where just one or two people have played a hands-on role.


Breakdown Barriers

Literally. Physical space design is a huge obstacle to collaboration and prevents conversations and ideas to flow freely throughout the office without interruption. We have a large conference room angled in the middle of our space, but we are breaking it down to add flexibility through more informal work spaces. Take it from the experts:

“We are seeing that workplace design is a critical part of truly innovative companies’ success. On average, employees at innovative companies have better-designed, more functional workspaces that unlock creative potential,” says Diane Hoskins, co-CEO at Gensler, the world’s largest architecture and design firm. “Employees truly flourish when they have room to not only collaborate but also have space to focus, and are empowered to work when and how they work best—both within their workplace, and in other locations outside it.”


Build Connections

Collaboration should not only happen internally, but externally as well. Working with like-minded individuals from different business sectors and walks of life builds vital connections and generates unique ideas. Surrounding your business with other creative companies is a quick and efficient way to network and grow your business.


We believe it’s time for like-minded small businesses to have a place where it is easy to foster ideas, collaborate and grow. Start-ups have incubators, and now, established small business with big aspirations have The Princeton Innovators Guild.  Within our community you can meet other like-minded, yet diverse, and passionate individuals to help expand your ideas and materialize your vision. You will be able to work in an open setting that facilitates effortless collaboration and free flowing ideas. And you will build numerous connections that will make working feel like a community rather than a company.

We invite small, like-minded, creative, technology and service companies to explore the Guild and see for yourself what we can offer each other. RSVP for our June 29th Kick Off Party and learn more at