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Facebook Live: A Powerful Tool for the Broadcaster in All of Us

Tom Sullivan

May 23, 2017
Tom Sullivan

In 2017, information is instantly accessible and almost always in the palm of your hand —literally.  Facebook Live is the most instant access yet.

Spurred from recent trends in video consumption and in-the-moment updates, Facebook created a feature that incorporates both.  Facebook Live, a video streaming service that launched 15 months ago, got wide attention due to viral videos like the Chewbacca Mask Lady. However, people, organizations and brands can use Live to broadcast from their mobile devices straight to their Facebook News Feed – anytime, anywhere – with more purposeful intent.

With Live, all you technically need to connect with your audience is the push of a button. It may not seem like such a leap from the real-time sharing of Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat feeds. However, it is a big step and it bodes the question: How do we use this new tool in a meaningful way?

Facebook Live has the potential to become a leading source of news and entertainment, both globally and on much more local or communal scales. The key to using it effectively is to reflect on a fundamental principle of marketing and broadcasting: always offer value. The following are some guidelines to do so:

  1. Plan ahead. ‘Live’ does not have to mean unrehearsed. In fact, one could make the argument that live content should be more thoroughly planned than any other content because of the inability to edit or alter once the content has been put forth.
  2. Define your post to your audience. With live video, you have on opportunity to capture your audience members’ attention. Carefully craft your post message or you are apt to lose their viewership.
  3. Keep it Short. Be as efficient as possible. Less is more especially on a social platform.
  4. Spark conversation. Before you push the button, ask yourself, will this generate a meaningful conversation? Conversation is the best way to achieve any change and Facebook Live in an excellent opportunity to connect people in real time – if only your content is provoking enough.

Facebook Live is just beginning to be integrated into our rapidly evolving means of connecting. You don’t have to be the local weather broadcaster to use Facebook Live. Recognizing the importance of valuable content at a time when everyone is a broadcaster is key to advancing your goals and generating a positive impact on your audience.