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Facebook Revamps the Notes Feature


October 15, 2015

The “Notes” feature on Facebook, has been updated to amplify use of the feature. Facebook has updated the feature for the first time in five years with the hope that its 1.25 billion users will resort to Facebook as a place for their blog posts as well.

The update, although not drastically different, brings some new customization features to the tool. Users can now include headers, block quotes, bulleted/numbered lists, and even cover images to each note. There are no built-in buttons for bolding, italicizing, and underlining, but users can do these things by means of keyboard shortcuts. While some of the formatting options, like the capability of embedding photos into a note, were available in the previous version, the new version makes the tool much more versatile and elegant. Notes now look like blog posts instead of lengthy status updates.

Twitter cofounder, Ev Williams, might not be too happy about this revision. He created the blogging startup, Medium, and the new version of Notes seems to look very similar. Note creation is currently limited to the web, and Facebook has not commented on whether or not this will be changed. You can see the revamped feature by going on Facebook’s website or you can learn more here.