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What Not to Give Your Clients in 2016

Aaron Stoker-Ring

November 29, 2016
Aaron Stoker-Ring

A quick Google search for “gifts to give your clients” will turn up dozens of great ideas. However, no one seems to have thought about what gifts NOT to give your clients in 2016. So we thought we’d offer advice for those who are afraid their gift buying might be taking a wrong turn.


Ten gifts not to give a client:


  1. A Samsung Note 7, especially with the VR attachment.

Although, this is probably an inexpensive option.

  1. A Horner 6 Piece Rhythm Instrument Set

A drum set, triangle, tambourine, bells and cymbals made specifically for kids? Who thought that was a good idea?

  1. Spoilers

You’ll end up like Ned, Renly, Catelyn, Robb, Joffrey, Stannis, and Luke Skywalker’s father, Darth Vader.

  1. A ‘Finsta’

A fake Instagram account. Your clients could lose social media followers, but really they’ll hate you for making them say “finsta”.

  1. Cow’s Milk

Try coconut milk instead. It has less sugar and it’s 2016, remember? All edible gifts need to be vegan, gluten free, non-dairy, and non-GMO.

  1. The Glengarry leads

Unless your clients are closers.

  1. Kanye West tickets

They come pre-cancelled.

  1. Bad advice

Your clients will somehow make that bad advice pay off.

  1. A Mogwai

But if you do give a Mogwai, don’t feed him after midnight.

  1. The flu

Because everyone’s giving it this year.


Giving your clients a thoughtful gift is a great idea. Just be sure to consult with this list first because if you see it here, you may never see your client again.