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Instagram updates help advertisers better connect with their customers


July 14, 2015

Taking inspiration from Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has rolled out new updates that can help advertisers connect with their customers.

  • Update 1: “Shop Now”

In order to connect advertisers to their customers, Instagram has created a “Shop Now” button for brands to link customers to different purchasing options. Using technology from Facebook, which bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, advertisers are able to more effectively target and reach their target markets. Instagram has previously run advertising campaigns with Disney, Michael Kors, Ben and Jerry’s and other major brands. Those brands have utilized Instagram’s 15 second video and picture options, but have never been able to link directly to a product. With the “Shop Now” option, those major brands and advertisers can advertise their products directly to their targeted markets.

  • Update 2: “The All New Search and Explore”

Instagram’s popular Explore page, where they show popular images catered to their users , will now show trends in real-time much like Twitter’s “Trending Topics.” Brands large and small have been utilizing Twitter’s popular trending hashtag option for years and can now incorporate that strategy through Instagram.

  • Update 3: “Places”

Instagram’s search bar is opening users up to new people and pictures, as well as locations with their new “Places” option. This option will allow tourism and hospitality advertisers show the world their brands by creating content specifically for Instagram’s “Places” tag.

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