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Intern Spotlight: Gabriela Johnson


November 21, 2016

This week, we get to know intern Gabriela Johnson a little better. Gabriela has her hands in a bit of everything, as she does both web development and graphic design. Working closely with our Creative Director Paul Federico, she has assisted the team with many projects.

Whether she’s doodling in class or dreaming of working as a Disney Imagineer, she always seems to be flexing her creative muscles! Keep reading to learn more about Gabriela.


 Intern Spotlight Gabriela

Where do you go to school?

The College of New Jersey


What are you studying?

Interactive Multimedia with a Computer Science Minor


What is your role at PPI?

I’m the Digital Development Intern so I help with web development and design.


What is a typical day like when you come into PPI?

I usually am given either something to design or something to code, so I’ll alternate between editing infographics and logos and creating web pages which is fun.


What’s the strangest assignment you’ve been given so far?

I can’t think of anything strange right now, maybe in the future.


What’s the assignment you’ve found the most interesting thus far?

Going to the Fraud Zombie commercial shoot and helping out was really cool. I’m glad I got to see what filming a commercial is like– and the food was pretty good too!


What’s been your favorite college course so far? Why?

Probably Animation I. It was nice to finally be able to create 3D models of characters I’ve drawn and learn how to animate them.


What class has been the most beneficial in terms of your internship responsibilities?

Honestly, my Computer Graphics class I took my senior year of high school taught me everything I know about Photoshop and Illustrator, which saved me in the future when it came to creating graphics projects for class and now creating graphics and logos at PPI.


Do you have any secret talents?

This is the fun fact I use for everything — I can pogo stick without my hands.


What’s a favorite hobby or pastime of yours?

Drawing, specifically doodling in class.


What’s your dream job?

Disney Imagineer but that’s really the dream.


If could ask Jeff Cheseboro one question, what would it be?

I’d be pretty interested to know how you go from being a minister to the president of a marketing agency.  Sounds like an interesting life.


What else would you like to learn before your internship ends?

I’d like to learn about different programs and websites that exist to help web developers create websites with much more ease.  I just found out about which gives you code to arrange your website and I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without it.


Thanks Gabby! We’ve loved working with you this Fall.