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Intern Spotlight: Michael Chen


November 7, 2016


Get to know Michael Chen, our Fall 2016 Digital Development Intern. Whether he’s assisting the team with a client’s creative needs or fetching cigars to keep a commercial shoot running smoothly, we can always count on him!


Intern Spotlight

Where do you go to school?

The College of New Jersey (TCNJ)


What are you studying?

Interactive Multimedia and Chinese


What is your role at PPI?

Digital Development Intern


What is a typical day like when you come into PPI?

I will typically walk in, say hi to Chris and ask him if there is anything he wants me to work on. If not, I will go to Paul and check with him. After I find out what I can help them with I will start it and work on it until the end or pick up another task. I am normally working on client websites that PPI is creating or maintaining or I am creating/editing a graphic for a client.


What’s the strangest assignment you’ve been given so far?

The strangest assignment I’ve been given so far would probably have to be going out to buy a cigar. On the set of a client video called ‘Fraud Zombies,’ the staff needed a cigar as a prop and asked me to go out and buy one. I’ve never bought one before so it was pretty strange for me.


What’s the assignment you’ve found the most interesting thus far?

Helping out on with the filming of ‘Fraud Zombies’ and watching the actors act was pretty interesting for me. I haven’t seen a professional process of making an advertisement or video before. Watching how everything was done on set was very interesting.


What’s been your favorite college course so far?

My favorite college course so far has been animation. Learning how to 3D model and put all the models into an animation was really interesting. My final project was only a 45 second animation but it took 36 hours to render and just as long to make. Although the animation wasn’t very long, the process creating it was a lot of fun.


What class has been the most beneficial in terms of your internship responsibilities?

My web class has definitely helped me most for this internship. Without learning the basics for web coding and design I would be completely lost looking at the website code.


Do you have any secret talents?

I was on a dance team in high school and did some hip-hop and a little break dancing.


What’s a favorite hobby or pastime of yours?

I used to run and lift for track and field in high school so running and going to the gym has become a good hobby for me. Also playing video games.


What’s your dream job?

I don’t have a specific dream job currently, but working for a video game or animation company would be pretty fun.


If you could ask Jeff Chesebro one question what would it be?

Based on his profile on the PPI website, he has a lot of interesting socks. I would ask him which one is his favorite and why.


What else would you like to learn before your internship ends?

Overall, I would like to improve my skills in web design and coding.


Thanks Mike. We love having you around the office!