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Job Seekers Beware: Fama finds your social media “red flags”


October 6, 2015

Any job seeker in today’s market knows to keep their social media clean, but unfortunately something silly posted on social media years ago could affect your job offers today. Businesses have been checking prospective employees’ online presence for years, but now there is a company, Fama Technologies, which is comprehensively and systematically going through your old profiles.

This service is not just looking at the silly posts a candidate made when they were younger, but also attitudes and personalities to see if they would be a good fit for the work environment. One CEO believes that, “who you are online is very indicative — if not equally indicative — of who you are in the offline world.”

While Fama is collecting this information, the company is not “scoring” individuals or providing recommendations but providing their findings to hiring managers. Now more than ever, think before you post.

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