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#Eclipse2017: What Marketers Can Learn

Devon Flarity

August 22, 2017
Devon Flarity

Yesterday was the “Great American Eclipse” and millions joined the viewing party. The buzz around the eclipse started in the mainstream media and quickly made its way to social media. The chatter was not lost on brands, who showed up to the party with creative marketing strategies and unique advertising maneuvers.

Through merchandise, promotions and special events, businesses across the nation found a way to include their brand in the conversation. If you missed the opportunity to capitalize on eclipse marketing for your own business, you’ll have to let those ‘blackout’ jokes go. We won’t see one of these solar events again for 100 years. However, we can learn some great strategies for capitalizing on a trending event. Check out these 5 stand-out eclipse marketing strategies and what we can learn from them:


  1. Create a Campaign

Chiquita got lucky on this event due to the strong similarity between the sun’s shape during the solar eclipse and a banana. But their clever idea of creating the “Chiquita Banana Sun” and finding the happy medium between funny and informative offered a memorable commercial. This was the perfect mix of not only marketing their brand but showing their consumers that they care about them by reminding them to stay safe during the eclipse; or shall I say the Chiquita Banana Sun.


  1. Invent a Product Tie-in

Southern Pressed Juicery is located in Greenville, South Carolina, which was a major city for viewing the solar eclipse. But instead of taking a back seat on the action, they designed a creative and fun juice that is the epitome of an eclipse: one second it’s bright, and the other it’s dark! Even if your product has nothing to do with the special event, there are innovative ways to get involved.


  1. Host an Event

Okay so, Malibu Rum didn’t host a big event themselves. Instead, they got creative and encouraged consumers to host their own “Black Moon Party,” complete with Malibu’s signature summer cocktails. Malibu found a way to get their product involved in the conversation and demonstrated an easy way for you to get your company involved too.


  1. Start a Hashtag

Image result for #oreoeclipse

 #ChocolateGlaze made a splash on social media, after Krispy Kreme made a limited-edition chocolate donut in honor of the total solar eclipse. Or you might have seen Oreo’s hashtag, #OreoEclipse. No matter what your brand, it’s easy to create a hashtag and get your followers involved.


Instead of waiting around for another century, take advantage of other national events. It’s easy to monitor the trending conversation with tools and media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Buzzfeed.

Don’t let your company be overshadowed the next time a major event comes along. Take advantage of it.