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Mobile Marketing on Black Friday is beating out Cyber Monday


November 19, 2015

Cyber Monday now matters less than Black Friday does for mobile marketing. Mobile sales on Black Friday eclipsed Cyber Monday’s sales last year, and are expected to do the same this year. When it comes to consumers’ mobile purchasing habits, they are surprisingly more likely to still be shopping on their phones during Black Friday.  Web traffic was higher on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday last year by 57%.

While this difference in sales seems to be slightly less intuitive, the spikes in sales on Black Friday seem to be contributed to a few obvious reasons. First, Fridays are paydays and consumers have the extra money in their pockets on Black Friday. Secondly, consumers are typically not at work, but at home eating leftover turkey and surfing the web from their couches. These two reasons combined encourage users to buy immediately rather than wait, which bring us to the next reason. Consumers are afraid of missing a deal or inventory selling out by the time Cyber Monday rolls around.

So how can your company take advantage of this information? It is important to focus and invest in mobile advertising to make multiple impressions this Black Friday. It is also important to research where to place mobile ads in advance and then make a second big push on Cyber Monday as well to reach optimal sales numbers. While Black Friday is the more profitable day, it is important to invest and have a strong strategy for the whole holiday weekend.

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