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Postcards from the Edge: A Benefit for Visual AIDS

Paul Federico

December 27, 2016
Paul Federico

Here’s an art show with an unusual twist that provides an opportunity for novice art collectors and emerging artists. Since 1998, Visual AIDS has produced this exhibition and benefit sale. All the art work is donated and all the profits goes to Visual Aids Charity. Visual AIDS supports assistants and provides supplies to artists living with HIV/AIDS. The show, “Postcards from the Edge,” will be held on January 13-15, 2017 at Metro Pictures 519 W. 24th Street in Manhattan.


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This exhibit showcases original, postcard-sized works created by both emerging and established artists. The art is not signed nor is the artist identified. The viewers can purchase any of the anonymous art for $85. Only then will they find out who the artist is.


The lure is that you may purchase a postcard that was created by a famous artist, making it worth well beyond the price tag of $85 dollars. The anonymity of the show ensures that you buy the artwork for the right reason: because you love it.

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Above is a practice drawing I created in anticipation of the show. I’ve avoided providing the picture of the postcard I actually submitted because I want to preserve my own anonymity, as the rest of the artists do.


What I find fascinating is how, given the same assignment, individual expression is as varied as a fingerprint. The images from the past exhibitions show a diversity of styles and ideas from the whimsical to the emotional.


In our business of marketing, we try to look for groups of people to form a target market in which individuals share similar traits. However, as big data becomes more easily accessible, those of us in the field are learning that no two people are the same. This presents a unique and exciting challenge, as well as an opportunity to create truly personal experiences for members of any given audience.


Stop by the postcards for the edge show:

Preview Party: January 13, 2017 6-8pm

Benefit Sale: January 14-15, 2017

It promises to be an inspiring and uplifting show ripe with creative diversity. For more information, click here.