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August 12, 2014

Social media now drives every aspect of marketing, communications, and advertising, but it is also the most complicated and time-intensive channel for brands to manage.

Princeton Partners recently entered into a long-term partnership with a social community engine, GRAVITATER to specifically address and get ahead of our client’s needs in this area. Using GRAVIATER’s proprietary technology, we are able to harness the full potential of social media by amplifying the social content that best connects audiences to brands to drive engagement, mobile social commerce, and replace traditional methods of digital advertising.

72% of all Internet users are active on social media today, and 71% of them are accessing social media from their mobile devices. GRAVITATER is an essential mobile social tool for marketers and it has already exponentially increased awareness of and engagement with a number of brands on social media while driving down their acquisition costs.

Content is currency and it’s what fuels engagement and drives the experience on social media. At Princeton Partners, we believe that in order to get started and generate the most engaging content, all brands need to first have a well-defined social context.

As a starting point, we have identified four steps that every brand can follow to define and build their social context:

  1. Mobile Mindset – Ensure that all of your consumer-facing sites are easily accessible, 24/7, with navigation and content that is relevant and responsive across all devices/screens.
  2. Social Presence – Define and craft your brand’s “social voice” and ensure that you have a uniform presence and voice across all of the social media sites that are regularly accessed by your consumers.
  3. Influencer Network – Identify the most authoritative and influential consumer and professional voices in your industry, product, or brand and establish a relationship with them and their content/communities.
  4. Digital Footprint – Now you are ready to establish and fuel active engagement with your consumers and influencers through branded content and experiences across all devices and channels, regardless if media is present.

Together, Princeton Partners and GRAVITATER are helping small, medium, and large businesses develop their social context and deliver the content that builds brand communities and powers long-term engagement.