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Social Media: A Place for Conversation and Change

Devon Flarity

January 10, 2017
Devon Flarity

In the history of media, social media is the infant. Its possibilities, in marketing and beyond, are vast and its masters are few and far between because of the rapidness with which it evolves.


Before working as Princeton Partners’ Digital Media Coordinator, I spent the summer as their social media intern. I never took a class that taught me how to use it (though it was incorporated into many). Instead, as a millennial, I grew up with these swiftly blossoming social platforms at my fingertips. Its integration into my everyday life sparked an interest to learn how to master this obviously powerful tool.


Interviewing for both the social media internship with PPI, and then later for the Digital Media Coordinator position, I spent much time preparing to answer the question, “Why do I want to work in social media?”


The answer to this question was developed during a period of time that saw the first black president in America, the Occupy Wall Street protests, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the legalization of gay marriage in the United States, the unprecedented 2016 presidential election, and many more incredible, noteworthy movements and issues.


When I was younger, I watched events like this play out on major news channels or saw headlines splashed across newspapers. As I got older I started engaging with platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Instead of just reading words on a page or listening to professionals comment on current events, I was able to scroll through the opinions of complete strangers and even offer my own thoughts.


Social media brings together a world of people in seconds. This kind of access to multiple perspectives is invaluable.


While social media can breed negativity and going “viral,” can sometimes be a nightmare for brands, I’ve also found that social media can launch conversations that bring about change at a speed that was historically impossible in the days of traditional media. If marketing is about creating attitudes and reshaping opinions, marketing professionals must think strategically about the conversations we want to start with this impressive tool we’ve been given.


This is why utilizing social media is important for companies and organizations, no matter the size. These social platforms grant the opportunity to shape your brand’s story and personality on a daily basis. It allows you to connect with a larger audience and have real conversations with the people on the receiving end of your messaging.


Find your brand’s voice, and then use it to spark meaningful discussions about the things your company cares about. It’s these discussions that will help you to achieve a positive impact and ignite change.