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Social media now drives every aspect of marketing, communications, and advertising. It is also the most complicated and time-intensive channel for brands to manage. Princeton Partners recently entered into a long-term partnership with a social community engine called GRAVITATER to specifically address and get ahead of our clients’ needs in this area.

Using GRAVIATER’s proprietary technology, we are able to harness the full potential of social media by amplifying the social content that best connects audiences to brands to drive engagement, mobile-social commerce, and enhance traditional methods of digital advertising. Together, Princeton Partners and GRAVITATER deliver the best content that builds brand communities and powers long-term engagement.

Our combined solution helps brands navigate and become active participants in today’s constantly evolving new media landscape. Together, GRAVITATER and Princeton Partners are offering publishers and advertisers the ultimate reward – the ability to deliver valuable branded content that consumers regard as worthy of their attention and as an important part of their social experiences.

The GRAVITATER toolkit automates the management of blog and social media pages as well as the content that flows to them from the most influential and authentic digital content creators. GRAVITATER also:

  • Helps brands reduce their reliance on Google search and allows them to move beyond the “one-off” articles to build a sustainable real-time content marketing library.
  • Provides a single dashboard to monitor competitors on social and visual media, identifies influencers, automates content publishing, and tracks revenue/ROI (revenue per pin/post) and hashtag performance.
  • Closes the purchasing loop for brands on the new visual web by seamlessly inserting them into the product discovery, research and sharing process on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Vine.
  • Leverages proximity-based (geo-aware/geo-fencing) marketing to feed organic content and native advertising to consumers at the exact moment of purchase both in-APP and in real-time.
  • Fuels Customer Managed Relationships (CMR) by providing the personalized content necessary to build relationships with brands in the same way they do with their friends.
  • Uses ad server technology to dynamically deliver personalized branded content as native advertising in real-time.

GRAVITATER is the first scalable solution to find, rank, and amplify consumer-generated and organic content and convert it into native advertising.

We are changing the agency model to one where the individual consumer is an active participant in the selection of the advertising that reaches them across all screens while in real-time. We are also:

  • Delivering higher conversion rates, lower media, and acquisition costs, and targeting consumers with the highest propensity to purchase a particular brand or product.
  • Feeding native content in-venue as well as to place-based media, demand side platforms, wearable platforms, blogs, Facebook Exchange (FBX), Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Vimeo, direct-to-consumer, and brand-owned media channels.
  • Serving branded content with a buy button directly to consumers who are most likely to purchase or evangelize the product.

The social marketing campaigns that we have orchestrated for our clients have proven to exponentially increase awareness of and engagement with their products or services on social media while at the same time driving down their acquisition costs and delivering the results and impact of a viral campaign without the unpredictability.

GRAVITATER is a persona-based solution that seamlessly adds a deep level of understanding of an individual or audiences’ attributes and way of life in order to deliver collaborative advertising led by consumers that is shaped by their intrinsic needs instead of their search history.

Our platform creates value for brands and gives consumers a reason to buy or engage with them or their products. Here are some examples of GRAVITATER’s platform/process in action:

  • For a direct response client, we increased the daily downloads of their mobile messaging application by 248% (over a 6-month period), which generated an additional $9MM in annual revenue and reduced their paid media spend by 90% over that same period. We also grew their Facebook fan base by 7225%.
  • In the acquisition space for products $10,000 and above, we drove a 250% increase in social acquisition for one of our clients, reduced their lead cost by 60%, and drove a 3,000% increase in unpaid traffic.

Find out more about GRAVITATER and our other capabilities and solutions by contacting us at 609-452-8500 or sending us an email.

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