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Leigh Cesanek

August 8, 2017
Leigh Cesanek

Instagram recently hit 700 million monthly active users, establishing its position as a frequently used and significant social platform. Following its enormous growth in the last year, Instagram now offers more advanced advertising capabilities. Subsequently, more businesses have been taking advantage of the platform. Companies are recognizing Instagram’s opportunities and joining the platform, including B2B organizations.

We’re offering insight into best practices from our research and experiences in bringing our own B2B clients onto Instagram.


  1. Offer Authentic Creative

Instagram’s content focus is almost entirely visual. It’s important to share authentic creative that showcases genuine moments, experiences, or information in order to offer messages that resonate with the target audience and foster genuine connections.

For example, this Starbucks post does not focus on the logo or product. Instead, it shares a photo of how the product fits into the consumer’s daily life in a way that the audience will recognize.


  1. Humanize Your Content

For B2B organizations, showing the people and innovators behind the products being sold often helps connect them with other innovators. For example, Intel, does a good job of sharing the latest on product development, while also influencing and expanding its followers.
When there are limitations in showcasing the people of an organization, there are other ways to connect with your audience. Sharing how a product is made and offering recommendations for how it can be used helps grow authority and allows people to connect with the product.

Consider using social influencers as well. Instagram is booming with influencers. Having a credible, well-known source stand behind and promote your product is a great way to build a new audience.


  1. Audience Targeting

Facebook’s targeting capabilities are also available on Instagram. Custom audience features allow you to target people who have interacted with your Instagram profile, in addition to all of the advanced targeting methods of Facebook.

Targeting by job titles, interests, behaviors, and more are available on this platform, making it a platform worth spending advertising dollars on.


Instagram has been praised for the organic nature of its sponsored content, which helps to make it a highly engaging platform. Its mobile functionality and visual focus makes it a good platform for captivating your audience. And its targeting and analytics capabilities, which are on par with Facebook, make it a valuable tool for reaching the right people.

The time to expand your social media footprint as a B2B organization is now.