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Taco Bell Unleashes New Anti-McDonald’s Ad


April 2, 2015

Taco Bell brought the competition with McDonalds up a notch in the so-called “breakfast wars” with its new three minute ad. The ad portrays a dystopian world in which McDonald’s mascot is portrayed as a communist clown dictator mimicking a Stalin or Mao, and has since raised a ton of eyebrows.

McDonald’s promise of happiness is twisted by depicting a gray, industrial world, making happiness seem like a lie while commenting on McDonald’s over-processed products. Individuals’ biggest limitation in this ad is “uninspired food,” and all rebels want is hexagonal shaped breakfast which Taco Bell eventually provides for them. The heroes of the ad crawl through ball pits and a hole in the wall to “the promised land of six-sided sandwiches.”

A 60 second version of the propaganda imagery ad aired during the season finale of The Walking Dead this Sunday. From a marketing perspective, Taco Bell, as the underdog of the breakfast sandwich competition with McDonald’s, is making a bold move to do what needs to be done –to get noticed.

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