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January 8, 2015

A few years ago, the extent of social media involved being present on Facebook and Twitter. Now, sophisticated marketers are measuring much of their success through social media using website traffic, page views and, most commonly, new followers.

According to the CMO Survey, marketers are expected to double their social spend within the next five years. In order to see results from social media usage, marketingprofs suggests that it is important to set tangible goals, attainable enough to accomplished, and create a strategy to meet these goals. It is also important to put those results in context. Use benchmarks to measure metrics and determine whether the results are similar to other businesses in your situation. Additionally, marketingprofs says to measure down to the dollar. Attaching a dollar value to social can allow marketers to link their efforts directly to revenue. Lastly, let the results be your guide. Continually change your social strategy based on these results. Every business is different and because of this, every business will have a unique marketing strategy. Set quantitative goals and social media will be a very effective marketing avenue for your business.

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