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Translating the Language of Emoji


November 3, 2015

Emoji are dominating communication and are beginning to break into advertising. With the iPhone’s latest addition of over 150 emoji, daily conversation is changing. Due to the rising popularity and inclusion in many new ad campaigns, marketers need to learn how to measure the effectiveness of these hieroglyphics in the market place.

A large campaign by Domino’s has been gaining attention by using emoji to sell pizzas. A user sets his or her preference on the “Pizza Profile” online. The next time that the user would like a pizza delivered, the user simply texts a pizza emoji to Dominos. Not only is this an innovative campaign, but it is also a whole new way of ordering pizza. Domino’s isn’t the only company embracing the emoji. Nike, Ford Focus, and Dell are jumping on the emoji bandwagon.

Swyft, a company that has been working with major clients and their emoji campaigns, measures downloads, shares, impressions, total hours engaged, and viral rate of the campaigns. The company believes that analyzing this type of marketing power is different than measuring impressions. Emoji can be more difficult to quantify, and as they grow in popularity, many brands will need to learn how to quantify the incoming data.

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