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True Confession: We Own a Timeshare

Tom Sullivan

January 17, 2017
Tom Sullivan

And Here’s Why:


Yes, that’s right; my wife Jan and I own a timeshare. We bought into the Vidanta Resorts in Mexico nine years ago.


In the early years, I kept this information on the down low because I like to think of myself as a financially astute person, and one who is conservative with our personal finances. But I knew that despite the initial sales pitch, a timeshare is not a financial investment. I decided to go through with it, however, because it was a way to commit to taking a wonderful vacation every year with my family without hesitation or excuse.


Since we are recently back from Nuevo Vallarta, where we celebrated the New Year, I thought I would capture some of the gratitude, lessons, and motivations that came to my mind as I lay next to the ocean in the warm Mexican sun.


  1. I was refreshed. Taking a step back, lying next to the pool listening to rhythmic Latin pop music, helped to get my gears turning with inventive new ideas that hadn’t come to me within the walls of the Princeton Partners office. I even wrote them down and turned a few into specific goals for 2017.
  2. I had a blast with my best friend. Jan and I had silly fun that included dancing with little kids at the New Year’s celebration, and even began tracking our steps. We made a game into trying to get at least 12,000 steps each day by walking new paths in the beautifully unfamiliar territory around us.
  3. I learned from reading. I finished the book “Pouring Six Beers at a Time,” by Baseball GM, owner and legend, Bill Giles. This is something I may not have been able to carve time out for during our busy home lives. Jan pointed out that I was laughing out loud. But I also learned great lessons about life and business from that book.
  4. I became reinvigorated. Taking a nice vacation like this not only refreshed me, it juiced my motivation levels. I work hard, and there are days when I feel burnt out. This experience primed the motivation pump. I came back to work re-energized to create value and earn a good living to continue to come back to a beautiful place like this.
  5. I got inspired. The Vidanta experience is special, and each year it gets better. It’s not just the first-class grounds, the five star accommodations and the amazing array of excellent food options. I became inspired by the staff. They were all happy and communicated that happiness in an outgoing and friendly way. That is a great accomplishment for an establishment of that size. Now I am thinking about how I can continue to foster a culture of growth and happiness at Princeton Partners.


Taking time for ourselves is so often left off our long lists of priorities. However, taking a step back can breathe new life and appreciation into your work and revive your spirit when you most need it.



A great way to end the day: sampling ceviches while sipping margaritas to the setting sun; entertainment included.