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User Experience on an SEO site vs. Content


October 3, 2013

As our search engine habits grow and change, Google is on top of learning more about the data and the user experience.  Google’s ultimate goal is to bring the user a great experience while they are searching.  Old search engine optimization tactics and SEO websites are now being penalized.  Previously you could create a website with all of the content and links focused around the keywords you wanted to rank for. Content was peppered with keywords, Meta data and anchor links within the copy.  A site like this used to be at the top of the rankings.  Now, Google sees a website like this not to be user friendly.

You may be asking why. All the keywords are there – so why should a site like this fail? It’s because this is not good content – it is hard for the user to actually read and follow.  With terms like “marketing in New Jersey” used every few words, it becomes difficult to read.  As a result, the user would most likely bounce and not convert.

As Google changes their algorithm and becomes “smarter”, we are seeing that contextual content that focuses around keyword topics are user friendly and winning in SEO.  With a user friendly site, you also allow the brand and the company to stand out.  This allows the website to look more professional as well.  The SEO goal is to make it look as natural as possible.  As Google and other search engines change and update, so must our SEO brand tactics.