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June 25, 2015

A 140 character post to your favorite (or least favorite) company on Twitter probably isn’t getting you the attention you wanted. A post directed at that same company on Facebook, however, would get you that attention.

In a new article by Mashable, the site found that a social media analysis firm, Socialbakers, researched popular brands and their engagement with customers through Twitter and Facebook. Since the first three months of 2015, the firm looked at 6.5 million tweets and 1.4 million Facebook posts that mentioned one of 50,000 worldwide brands.

Socialbakers created a qualification for this study, involving brands that received 10,000 questions over the three month period, and each answered the tweets/posts at least 65% of the time.

The media analysis firm found that a third of all tweets and three quarters of all Facebook questions were answered. Four out of five million questions posed to U.S. companies on Twitter were not answered.

While Twitter questions were ignored about 80% of the time, brands on Facebook answered about 60% of the time.

As Socialbakers found, it might be easier to get Chipotle and Nike to reach out to you if you send them a post on their Facebook wall. Although it seems that Twitter is becoming increasingly popular, Facebook is the way to go if you want to tell a brand how you really feel.

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