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November 8, 2013

Who better to welcome you into our new site than me, Brandon the gargoyle? After some serious strategy, copywriting, and creative planning (not to mention the many long-winded arguments over what my makeover would result in), I’d like to introduce you to my home – the revamped Princeton Partners, Inc. website and blog.

We want to show you what we do here – what we create, how we go about creating it, and the ideas that are born out of the quirky, sometimes surprising things we get ourselves into at the office on a daily basis.

You may be asking yourself, what will this blog do for me? I’m here to tell you – this blog is meant to bring you in to the thick of it – of our agency that is. The obstacles we need to overcome, the industries we need to learn more about, the technologies we need to wrap our brains around – this is our sounding board. We want to inform you. Maybe help you see things from a different perspective. But, most importantly, we’re here to have fun.

So, once again, WELCOME to Princeton Partners’ new digital home (and mine). Enjoy!