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June 18, 2015

We asked our Summer 2015 Interns (a bunch of kids born during the 1990’s) which songs they think resonate best with the 1980’s and why. Given that none of them were actually born during the decade that epitomized a decade of really awesome music, we’re super proud of them. Here’s what they come up with:

Alex Valerio, Production Intern from Rider University
I would have to agree with Rohan. When I think 80’s, I think of “In the Air Tonight.” It was a song that my parents loved and always played in the car. The drum solo must be the most distinguishable drum solo from that era.


Alison Goerke, Social Media Intern from Monmouth University
The song that resonates with me the most is probably “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds because of movie The Breakfast Club. Every 90’s kid has seen that movie and connected with one of the characters in some way. This song resonates because of the final scene in The Breakfast Club. Every time it comes on, it’s so easy to feel the urge to pump your fist in the air. For me, at least, The Breakfast Club seems like it’s the epitome of what being an 80’s kid in high school is like. That song and that film are what I picture when I think of the 80’s. It’s a changing world, and this song is a reminder of the impact pop culture and new media, like MTV, was having on society in the 80’s.


Ashley Torres, Project Management from University of Delaware
“Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners because it is a classic, uplifting song that I myself, and most kids in the 90’s could sing the lyrics to.


Cathryn Castaldo, Media Intern from TCNJ
“Material Girl” by Madonna. Madonna has had a long-lasting and overwhelming influence on American pop culture since the 1980’s. She inspires people to embrace themselves as the person that they are. “Material Girl” made Americans desire the glamorous lifestyle that was portrayed through the lyrics and music video. The song epitomized the spirit of the materialism decade.


Chris Harisiades, Account Management Intern from Rutgers University
The song I chose was “Imagine” by John Lennon. This song captures the economic, political, and regional struggles of the 80’s by envisioning a world in peace.

[Editor’s Note: Our VP of Cross Media Integration and 80’s music guru, Chris Sullivan, kindly reminded Chris that “1971, bro. But l love how you think that is an 80’s song.” Thank goodness for the Internet/Wikipedia]

My new 80’s pick is “Axel F” by “Harold Faltermeyer” which was released in 1984, as it’s from the one 80’s movie a can think of, Beverly Hills Cop.


Drew Weinberger, Market Research Intern from the University of Maryland
“Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. For me, this song represents the music of the 1980’s because I can’t think of many current rock bands that will have an impact on the future like GNR has impacted today. Everyone knows and loves this song despite its refusal to enter into the world of “pop.” For this reason, I see it as an “end of an era” type song from a legendary type band. While rock is not dead, it has certainly been overtaken in popularity by many others.


Elyssa Levine, Creative Intern from TCNJ
I chose “I Love Rock N Roll” by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, released in 1981. This song became the anthem for the 80’s revolution against the 70’s disco decade. It also helped demonstrate that a talented female could succeed at being the lead singer and guitarist of a popular band.


Evey Cahall, Creative Intern from the Maryland Institute College of Art
The first song that comes to mind (hate to be obvious) is “Eighties” by Killing Joke, which, like much of their other work is a social commentary about the effects of Thatcherism on daily life in 80’s Britain. Fun fact: Nirvana got their guitar riff in “Come as you Are” from this song.


Melissa Gibson, Social Media Intern from TCNJ

A song that really stands out to me from the 80’s is “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. The song is very well-known. Who hasn’t heard it before? It’s played at most weddings, school dances, banquets, etc… The songs speaks about a fictional couple working to make ends meet. In that way, it identifies with a lot of the economic issues at the time in the 1980’s, but also becomes timeless. The struggle represented in the song could apply to anyone at any time in American history.


Rohan Krishnan, Video Production Intern from Syracuse University
“In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins because it easily has one of the best drum solos I’ve ever heard. It instantly launched the career of such a legendary artist. Plus, he would sing the song while playing the drums, which takes an amazing amount of talent.


Ryan Haber, Account Management Intern from TCNJ
The song that truly speaks the 80’s to me is Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Who doesn’t know “Thriller” and the dance for it? MTV was first aired in the 80’s and it was instrumental to the success of the “Thriller” music video and dance. It’s also in many current media outlets today.


Stacy Liu, GRAVITATER ™ Intern from Boston University
I’m not too familiar with the 80’s so I googled some songs and saw “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey and I feel like I had to just because it’s a song I feel everyone can sing along to.