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Who Really Won Super Bowl LI?

Leigh Cesanek

February 7, 2017
Leigh Cesanek

On advertising’s biggest night of the year, companies did not hesitate to jump into political commentary or call for social change, just like Lady Gaga did not hesitate to jump right into the Super Bowl dome.

Here are some of the most popular spots from Super Bowl LI.

  1. Bai Bai Bai by Bai


  1. Daughter by Audi


  1. #NSFWireless by T Mobile


  1. Cleaner of Your Dreams by Mr. Clean


  1. Romance by Skittles


  1. Born the Hard Way by Budweiser


However, the best ad may not have been one we watched during commercial breaks. Lady Gaga’s performance, which got nothing but major “Applause,” was followed by the announcement of her upcoming international tour. This left us with a “Million Reasons” to buy tickets. So, who won Super Bowl LI? Tom Brady or Lady Gaga? …Joanne probably knows.