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10 Reasons to Donate $10

10 Reasons to Donate $10 in Support of Tom Sullivan’s Dance Quest for Young Audiences

Five selfish reasons:

  1. My aching back and feet will feel better after 30 hours of heart and brain-challenging dance lessons with my professional partner, Dasha Gadispova.
  2. You’ll feel much better the morning after you’ve used your money to support Young Audiences than after spending it at Thursday night happy hour.
  3. If you donate now, you can avoid an arm-twisting phone call from me later – probably asking for a lot more than $10.
  4. My wife will have to let me display a cheesy, plastic gold Disco Ball trophy in our living room, or at least in my office.
  5. I need all the help I can get to beat out my 3 competitors who are rock stars in the business and non-profit world.

Five most important reasons:

  1. Young Audiences is a highly effective organization, where 88% of funds raised go directly to programming for inspiring arts education and performance opportunities for tens of thousands of students.
  2. Teachers find kids are more motivated, socially-connected and academically productive when balancing the core curriculum with the arts.
  3. The arts positively changes lives, and can change our world by bringing us closer together.
  4. I believe in this program so strongly, that we are offering those who donate a chance to win a Business Brand Discovery with the Princeton Partners team, which can elevate the future success of your organization and is valued at $7,500.
  5. With your help, we can raise over $20,000 for this wonderful cause together.


To show your support and contribute to positive change in the lives of countless students, vote for Tom here.

To learn more about how Tom is boogying to support YA, watch the video below:

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April 10, 2018
Written by Tom Sullivan

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