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3 Reasons Why Print Advertising Makes Sense

New research from a Millward Brown study suggests that print ads are more successful than both online and TV at increasing brand favorability and purchase intent. The most successful aspects of print advertising include providing trusted content, consumer engagement, and validated sales drivers, according to Adweek. Print advertising is arguably not completely dead, and still a worthy investment. Here are three reasons why.

Print ads driver higher awareness and recall

Scientific research that studied consumers’ brains and the way they process an ad has fueled the print vs. digital debate among advertisers. “Temple University neuroscientists used brain mapping to discover that people were more likely to remember an ad and its context if they saw it in print as opposed to on a screen,” according to Adweek. According to this study and others, people process physical materials more emotionally than digital advertising.

Print increases effectiveness across platforms

In this new modern world, brands not only need to reach their consumers; they need to reach them everywhere. Delivering a brand message effectively means delivering it across all platforms – broadcast, print, and digital. According to Millward Brown’s research, “the combination of print and TV outperformed digital and TV across all relevant metrics.” Utilizing the right combination of platforms ensures success.

Publishers guarantee that print ads generate increased brand sales and positive ROI

The Association of Magazine Media introduced the Print Magazine Sales Guarantee which “assures that print advertisers will see increased brand sales and positive ROI for qualified print campaigns, or their money/space back.” You’ll have to qualify for the campaign with trackable, third-party data. Other organizations are also implementing programs like this and seeing successful results.

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January 26, 2016
Written by Brandon

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