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4 Ways Instagram Can Improve Your Business:


Instagram, like many other social media sites, has become an integral feature in helping many brands stay afloat in today’s market. If Instagram is right for your business, try these four tips to help your brand succeed.

  1. Invite Users to Take a Peek: Instagram is a great place to “window shop” through visually appealing images of your product. Make sure to include FAQS or relevant information in the captions of these images—it is useful space that shouldn’t be wasted.
  1. Take Users Behind the Scenes: Instagram is a great place to give customers that exciting and exclusive experience. Use photos and short videos to capture the consumer’s interest by showcasing how your products are made or how your services are performed.
  1. Offer Followers Exclusive Benefits: Instagram is a great place to offer exclusive discounts or contests to followers. Offer sneak peeks to followers or free items for following you.
  1. Make Your Business More Personable: Showing the office and the employees make your company more personable, which helps encourage communication between business and consumer.


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June 30, 2016
Written by Brandon

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