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5 Incredibly Easy Social Media Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Business

Having an online presence on social media in today’s world is essential for almost all companies. An effective social media presence is something that will enable communication and relationships with a high-value market audience. Here are six ways to incorporate social media into a business plan:

  1. Have the right tools

There are plenty of social media scheduling and analytics platforms to choose from. HootSuite, Buffer and TweetDeck are just a few. MailChimp and Constant Contact are great tools for email with many e-commerce specific functions. These tools are affordable and in some instances, free. It’s important to find and use the tools that are best for you and your business.

  1. Listen

The best social media presence is one that communicates effectively with its audience and has conversations with them. Use your digital presence to hear what your customers or clients are saying and respond accordingly…in good times and in bad!

  1. Introduce analytics in order to gain valuable marketing insights.

All business aim for growth—analytics will help gauge the growth and determine what is and isn’t working.

  1. Encourage UGC (User Generated Content).

What is a creative way to get around creating all of your own content? Allow your consumers to take the reigns! Use creative hashtags and fun contents to encourage customer engagement.

  1. Secure your marketing hang-ups

One of the most essential items on this list is planning. Planning well, averts any unnecessary hang-ups which is essential considering the speed of social media.

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July 28, 2016
Written by Brandon

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