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5 Steps to a Successful Video Marketing Strategy for Small Business:

One of the most powerful marketing tools is video, because consumers look to take in information as quickly as possible.

The first step in incorporating video into your marketing strategy includes being equipped with high-end tools. Look to companies like Magisto and Animoto who equip small businesses with easy to use templates and themes for basic video editing.

Second, consider your content—what are you trying to produce? What is your message? What will keep your audience engaged in sticking around for a video longer than a few seconds? It is important to get creative when it comes to content.

Next, consider a script. If you are producing a video that involves a large amount of explaining, such as a sales pitch or a description of your product, working off of a script will help keep you on track and ensure you’ve reached all of your points. This will help with overall clarity, efficiency of speech and time too.

Lastly, promote! You can generate traffic on the video the same way that you would generate traffic on a blog—use keywords, add links and promote through social media channels. Make sure the video makes it onto Youtube and your company website..

For even more details and advice, check out this article.

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June 23, 2016
Written by Brandon

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