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Be our guest, be our guest…

Walt Disney World…The House the Mouse Built… whatever name you call it, it is magical!

When one thinks of brand recognition and marketing, it is hard to think beyond The Disney Companies.  They are one brand that does their marketing and branding very well and the lessons they teach can be used in all aspects of life. When my family and I visit Disney, we are not only getting a chance to relax and unwind, but we are making memories that will last a lifetime (and hopefully longer – more on this later).

As many would say, including yours truly, it is the “Happiest place on Earth.” My family and I love Disney and have been driving down for our annual visit for almost 20 years. I was married in Disney World, have my picture on “Leave a Legacy” at EPCOT, and I purchased ownership in the Disney Vacation Club back in 2003. My son Parker has been to both Disney World and/or on a Disney Cruise every year since he was 15 months old. You might say we are Disney’s biggest Fans and you would be right!


Disney creates amazing marketing “buzz” whether it’s from the Parks themselves, the Marvel film dynasty they are building, or ABC Television shows, it is hard not to come across something Disney during your day.  With Facebook and Instagram, it is almost impossible to log on without someone you know posting pictures from their vacation or commenting on one of the Disney movies.  What sets their brand apart is that they deliver on that excitement time after time. Customers are number one to them and you feel like it when you are there.

The “Magic” is in the customer service that you come to expect during each visit.  It is hard to compare the feeling of arriving at Walt Disney World for the first day of vacation.  They make you feel at home and as if you really matter to them.  We have been on other vacations but they cannot offer the same experience that Disney always delivers –it is equivalent to visiting an old friend and picking up right where you left off.  You are comfortable and relaxed and know that we are going to have an amazing time.

While thinking back to some of my fondest memories, many come to mind. There was the time that my son was picked as “Pin Trader of the Week” on the Disney Cruise, the time when we were picked to ride on Rafiki’s float in the Animal Kingdom Parade, or one of the many times that Parker was picked by one of the street performers to help out with their acts.  All these experiences go way beyond what you get on “ordinary” vacations and build upon themselves year over year.

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The idea of “memories lasting a lifetime” for me comes in several ways but mostly from seeing how my son has grown over the years. We have pictures to look back on and shared experiences to talk about. We enjoy planning when we’ll visit next and typically start as we are driving out of Disney heading home.  If they did not deliver on their marketing, we would not be doing this each year.

With the Disney Vacation Club, we are banking on our son having grandchildren that we can take to Disney in the future.  Disney thinks to the future and has “locked” us in for the next 50 years when you really think about it.  Whether we go or not, we have still paid for it and without regrets.

The key take away here is regardless of your message or marketing, you need to follow through and deliver on the experience you are selling or people will find other options.

Have a magical day…

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June 23, 2015
Written by Giselle Herrera

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