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Build the Blockbuster Ad

Every blockbuster movie begins with a pitch: the short synopsis that explains not just the story, but what makes it worth seeing.

There are many types of pitches, but the most important is the “elevator pitch,” so named because it has to be short enough to explain to someone during a ride on an elevator. Studio executives are bombarded by stories. When filmmakers have an opportunity to catch an executive’s attention, they have to make it count.

Marketers face a similar situation. In our crowded media marketplace, consumers are bombarded by ads. So how do you make the most of your opportunities? How do you make them count?

Think of your ad like you are pitching a movie.

Stay focused. Your ad should convey the main thing that makes your product special. You have plenty to say about your product. Choose that main thing and make sure people remember it.

Keep it short. Old school direct marketers will argue with me (long copy rules!), but, even with long copy, you’re telling a single, focused story. I mean, I could read a page about the McDonald’s double clamshell and forget everything I read. But, I will never forget, “it keeps the hot side hot and the cool side cool.”

Make a promise. You should intrigue people. Make them want to know more. You don’t need to convey everything with one ad. You want to fill people’s minds with possibility.

A good pitch not only tells the story of your brand; it helps move that story through the marketplace—because people like to share a good story. Help them do that. Give them a clear, compelling story about your company, brand or product and let your ad build a blockbuster for you.

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October 30, 2014
Written by Tim Burr

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