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A Call For all Hospitals to Embrace Innovation

I’m happy to see a growing appetite for change and innovation in the traditionally conservative healthcare profession.  It’s not just economics, ACO formulation or new reimbursement models driving change.  It’s the quest by policy makers and payers for higher quality outcomes, safer environments and best medical practices.  Innovation is also being driven by more demanding consumers who desire improved patient and family experiences.

Why does this matter? Studies have shown that more informed and engaged families and patients result in fewer readmissions. And we know the Accountable Care Act is not kind to reimbursements when it comes to readmissions.

I also believe that the entire healthcare industry – including hospitals, specialty group practices, medical device manufactures and technology and practice management organizations – are as much in the information business as much as they are in the healing business.  Why?  Consumers drive the dialogue today.  And how consumers make quality decisions and then participate in the health partnership is where the greatest opportunity for value creation lies.

To stay relevant, organizations need to be more proactive, more accessible and more communicative.   All of this requires the integration of analytics, personalized messaging and outcomes tracking.  Innovative hospitals will do well in this environment. Their marketing and communications programs need to be proactive in order to engage internal and external stakeholders and to create the positive behaviors necessary to sustain a healthy healthcare system.

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October 15, 2013
Written by Tom Sullivan

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