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Discovering Your Personal Mission, Vision & Values

We are now ten days into the new year – a time where the world is abuzz with talk of new year’s resolutions and goals. A recent New York Times article, How to Crush Your Habits in the New Year with the Help of Science, revealed seven psychology-based strategies for making your new year’s resolutions last. I enjoyed reading this article and would like to add an eighth strategy into the mix – one that isn’t necessarily rooted in science, but one that we know well at Princeton Partners – developing a mission, vision and values. But this time, the client is you.

I welcome you to watch this ten-minute talk I gave to our community of innovators about a unique approach to discovering your own personal mission, vision and values.

Hopefully this talk created some space for you to reflect on your personal “why, what and how” to create a more unified you in 2019.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and productive new year!

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January 10, 2019
Written by Tom Sullivan

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