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How to Establish Social Authority

In today’s world, it’s not that challenging to find a solution to a problem. Simply type the issue into Google and countless answers appear on screen. The challenge is establishing social authority. How do you become the industry go-to for products, advice or services?

Here are some suggestions from Social Media Today:

Focus on a Niche

There’s no need to master the entire industry. For example, if you offer social media services, pick the platform you are best known for. Maybe it’s Instagram, perhaps it’s Facebook. Put most of your energy into talking about what you’re best at.

Pick the Right Platforms

Consider where your community prefers to get their information from. If they like videos, you’ll want to be on YouTube. Knowing and understanding this will help you reach the right people with your message.

Provide REAL value

This is an important one. Depending on the audience you’re trying to reach you can provide real content like blog posts, infographics, podcasts, videos or webinars. Don’t keep secrets from your audience either; share your best knowledge.


This shows that you’re not a fly-by-night operation. Have a consistent voice, message and schedule.

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September 1, 2016
Written by Brandon

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