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Greater Targeting – Waste = More, and Better, Opportunities

A few weeks ago, our Media Manager, Rob Groves, talked about making rational, strategic media choices, and the tracking mechanisms that are built into digital advertising.

Even more exciting are the real opportunities that digital creates for companies and organizations that may not have large media budgets. Digital levels the playing field.

Mass media is just that – mass. Along with its accurate tracking ability, digital technologies offer targeting capabilities that make advertising more efficient and more affordable for more small and local businesses, non-profits and government organizations.

Beyond the traditional planning criteria – geographic market and demographics (gender, age, income, ethnicity), digital media options allow you to dig deeper to get your message to those likely to be most receptive.

Geographically, you can drill down to zip code. Demographically, you can target via lifestyle, interests, and internet habits. Better audience targeting ability means more efficient marketing – less waste, less cost, less “mass.”

BUT…it also means you need to know your audience.

Do you know your clients and customers? Who and where they are? What their information and entertainment sources are? Are they social media users? Which platforms?

Getting your message or product out in media is the culmination of thorough research, strategy and creative development, and careful planning and preparation. Otherwise…

If a tree falls in the forest…

Marketing Agency Blog Post Author of Greater Targeting – Waste = More, and Better, Opportunities

March 31, 2015
Written by Susan Murray

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