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Brand Endurance

What do a national TV commercial, social media post and a smartphone icon all have in common?

They all have the potential to communicate your brand.

How well they do that is a measure of brand endurance.

Today, we live in a fractured media environment. As people get their information from more sources, more companies are vying for their attention. You need to communicate your brand’s message in more meaningful ways.

An enduring brand carries across all forms of media.

Brand endurance consists of four critical elements: a smart strategy, a Unifying Brand Idea, inspiring and informational content and the right network of connections. Leave one of these out, and your business initiative will underperform. But when all four are present, your company will click perfectly and your message will resonate across all media and to every target audience. Growth can be organic, sustainable, and enduring.

The Unifying Brand Idea

A Unifying Brand Idea ℠ (UBI) is not a headline, tagline or slogan.

It is a concept that operates behind the scenes as a defining strategy or platform that simply and clearly differentiates an organization from its competitors. Internally, it serves as a rallying cry that focuses the decisions and energies of the organization on achieving one overriding deliverable every day. It influences product development, acquisition strategy, customer experience and more. Externally, a superior UBI strategy is the positive spark that engages your target both rationally and emotionally with your brand, resulting in new levels of success.

Find out how Princeton Partners can create endurance for your brand.

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