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Nonprofit Cause - Purpose-driven Marketing

Dancing for a Cause

Our CEO Tom Sullivan will be putting on his dancing shoes to raise money for Young Audiences, a non-profit organization. Here’s why he’s stepping out of his comfort zone and how you can support the cause.   I have attended scores of fundraising galas over the years and have enjoyed participating in the causes they ….

Wells Fargo Insight

Profits Before People: Not a Winning Strategy For Wells Fargo

In my career as a marketer, I have had the opportunity to work with over a dozen banks, ranging from local community banks to regional banks, and even a well-known national player. Along the way, I became an admirer of Wells Fargo. I thought their mission, focus on understanding customers, and prioritization of customer’s needs ….

Brexit: A Marketer’s Response to Media Hype

Don’t get me wrong; the British vote to leave the EU is a very big development which I will follow with interest.  I just don’t like the headlines and soundbites I hear from television commentators who hype up the impact and instill anxiety in a large proportion of their audience. Example Soundbite: Market reaction to ….


Vice and ESPN team up to make sportsball content

VICE and ESPN recently announced a partnership to create a new short-form series that will air on each of its channels. The deal also includes a short-form animated series. This is not the first time Vice teamed up with a major network. HBO has been airing a weekly VICE show since 2012. The two channels ….

FB bots

Facebook’s branded bots have potential

At the F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote address was focused on building chat bots in Messenger. The purpose of this is to connect businesses and consumers closer than ever. As of now, only a handful of the announced branded bots were live. The future of the bots is very innovative. Creators are hoping that ….


What the new Google Panda update means for your website

As an avid social media user, I’m almost embarrassed to admit my excitement that Google’s 2015 Panda update is finally here. As an intern, I enjoyed curating blog posts, writing for my journalism classes, and creating social posts. Now, as a full-time employee, I am still writing, sometimes with different content, but always with the ….


In a recent study by Pew Research Center, clear majorities of Twitter and Facebook users cite these platforms as their primary source for news. This decentralization of journalism is characterized by ever diversifying streams of information and cutting edge technologies that enable citizen journalists to report the news. And like a double edged sword, it ….

Branding Agency

Facebook Introduces Instant Articles

As a college student majoring in Public Relations and Journalism, it’s always nice for me to see the two worlds become integrated. Once I heard about Facebook’s Instant Articles available for iPhones, I saw my world as a social media intern and my world as a college journalist combined. Instant Articles have allowed Facebook to ….