Combating Email Opt Outs with Testing and Analysis

Combating Email Opt Outs with Testing and Analysis

You’ve invested in email marketing by building newsletters and marketing campaigns for various audiences. Yet your opt-out rate is higher than you’d like, and you’re ready to throw in the towel. Many digital marketers grapple with “the email issue” but there are measures you can take to develop a sustainable email strategy.

Know What is Reasonable

It’s not unusual for company execs to have unrealistic expectations of acceptable delivery and open rates when it comes to email marketing. While we all want thriving email lists, you must remember that list attrition is inevitable, and in some industries it is higher than in others. It’s good to be familiar with acceptable industry standards for email marketing but to also remember that people’s needs change or, more likely, they simply experience inbox overload and decide to do some housecleaning.

Email Testing…1,2,3

If your email program is performing below reasonable expectations, testing and analysis can help you set goals and hone in on a new approach to talking to your audience,

  • Content and segmentation: Are you delivering on your content promise? Can users self-segment based on their interests? If not, recipients won’t hesitate to opt out. The solution might be separate emails for various segments, or customized content in a single email. Check in with your subscribers periodically with tools such as surveys—they can be invaluable to developing your digital marketing and content strategy
  • Frequency: How much email is too much? Be sensitive to the role your email will play in a recipient’s inbox. Perhaps someone who buys your weight-loss products wants daily menus but only weekly or monthly tips on healthy diet and exercise, Segmenting your audience and analyzing the results of what you’re doing may help you figure out just the right frequency for each of your audiences.
  • Transparency: Make the opt-out process clear. Transparency builds trust, and people want to know that their subscription is in their hands. Ensure that subscribers can change preferences easily; rather than opting out, they might instead seek new information.

Measuring success

There’s no silver bullet when developing the “perfect” email marketing strategy. However, a sensible approach to segmentation, testing and strategy can guide you toward the right plan for your business.

Try it. Measure it. Refine and try again. A sound email strategy takes work, but the reward is connections that deepen relationships.