Making the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Lists

Making the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Lists

One channel. Many opportunities. When marketing your business digitally, email is a direct path into the minds of prospective customers and partners, and its true power is all in how you slice the information that it offers you.

The Opt-in Advantage

Social media channels can facilitate new (and profitable) connections for savvy brands, but email marketing remains a powerful results generator in a marketing repertoire. In fact, according to a 2010 study from Marketing Sherpa, “75% of daily social media users said email is the best way for companies to communicate with them.” It offers a straight line to recipients who have elected to communicate with you—and that means the strategic messaging that your business wants to communicate has a prime opportunity to shine among an audience that has raised its digital hand and asked to be contacted.

Email Segmenting for Maximum Success

Get savvy about segmenting your email contact lists for maximum impact and you have a recipe for true impact. Just as you can segment direct mail by demographic, you can segment emails along a startling number of business lines – and demographics are just the beginning.

Behavior is Telling

The manner in which recipients interact with your email can itself drive further segmentation. For example, if a reader clicks on a particular article in your general newsletter, you can send them more specific information on that topic such as resource articles or information about sales on specific items. If many readers are clicking on the same article, it may guide your marketing strategy to include new campaigns directed towards those specific customers and products or services.

Simply put, digital is data…and data is crucial to successful marketing. Email marketing—with strategic segmentation—is one more way to demonstrate the power of your brand and reach further into your marketplace. The more you look at the behaviors of your prospects both online and off, the more opportunities you will find to connect with your customers in new and data-driven ways.