Understanding the Art of User Experience Design

Understanding the Art of User Experience Design

Wayfinding is the use of things such as signs, maps and directions to help us find our way. In your company’s physical space, this might include Exit signs or office directories which help orient your customers to where they need to go to get what they need. In the web world, wayfinding is a useful metaphor for the strategy that drives profitable websites: UX, or User Experience Design.

Melding Science and Art to Get Results

A website without a strategy is like a clothing store with a big pile of various clothing in the center of the floor rather than on shelves and racks. A well-designed UX means a clear and intuitive site where users can find easily what they want. Done well, UX positions your site for maximum impact by ensuring that you drive customers where you want them to go based on your company goals and supporting data. Whether it’s requesting information, making a purchase or setting an appointment, the user is able to get to that point quickly and easily via obvious navigation, page titles, clear directions, uncluttered page layouts and more:

  • Sitemaps that structure navigation with business objectives in mind
  • Content maps that align resources with company objectives
  • Wireframes that define how content and functionality interact before the site is even built
  • Functionality requirements and process-flow documentation that drive the “science” behind the art
  • A/B usability testing that vets prototypes in a usability lab long before your users ever see your website

UX is really a discipline of data-driven, results-oriented Information Architecture and persuasive design. It is a system in which large amounts of your company’s data is filtered, categorized and translated, ultimately resulting in a website designed to bring you results and profits. When your site development includes serious User Experience Design, visitors are seamlessly guided through a website where information can be found and opportunities are not lost.

A website built with the user in mind is a website that can be sustainable and profitable. Work closely with your web design team to define your company’s goals. Invest strategically and begin with a solid foundation in UX. The results may amaze you!