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Imgur Creating Content that works for Advertisers and Users

In an effort to appeal more to Imgur’s large audience of millennials, the corporation is now making the move to become more involved with web and digital advertising.

Imgur, also known as the “Reddit for pictures”and the male alternative of female driven social media website, Pinterest, has over 150 million monthly active users. These users can post photos, GIFs and memes, utilizing Imgur as an easy way to share images across all social platforms.

Imgur announced their goal to create content that would continue to be interesting to their 150 million users. Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Steve Patrizi, stated, “We work with advertisers to develop content that would fit well with the community. So, users perceive the content coming from brands as something that enhances the experience.”

Patrizi also stated that the content they’re creating receives a “thumbs up” nine out of ten times from their users.

One of the main advertisers and partners for Imgur has been eBay. Utilizing Imgur’s technology, eBay has posted images and gifs, working with Imgur’s team to create relevant content for their users. Imgur’s creative team also houses a staff that works directly with brands in order to create promoted posts, understanding a brand’s message and style, and working with them to create posts relevant to the brand and Imgur users.

eBay’s Head of Communications, Johnna Hoff said, “We worked with Imgur for several months to research the types of themes and items that were popular on site, and we worked with some Imgurians to source imagery that helped us tell the best stories.”

To learn more about this move, click here.

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August 11, 2015
Written by Brandon

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