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Inside Look at the 50th Super Bowl Advertisements

Last year, the 49th Super Bowl brought in 114.4 million views. It is no surprise that companies spend months crafting the perfect spot for its product. This year viewers will see quite a few advertisers who skipped out on previous years’ Super Bowls, such as Acura, Buick, Honda, Kraft Heinz, Mountain Dew, Taco Bell and more.

The going rate for advertising during the 2016 Super Bowl is $5 million dollars. The price for the ads increased by about 11% in comparison to 2015. To give a little perspective, one thirty-second spot at the Super Bowl could buy 52,148 years of Netflix or 4,000,000 cans of coke.

Many companies are looking to supplement or replace traditional commercial advertisements in favor of digital platforms. Companies that utilize digital forms take advantage of the two-screen era we are now in. People are watching the game, but they are also on their phones.

Pepsi is planning on utilizing new social platform features by sponsoring a Twitter moment and emoji campaign, which will definitely increase its reach. Other brands including Volvo, Esurance, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Adobe will opt out of traditional ads because of the increased cost. These brands have found other ways to promote products in a more cost-effective way via social media, a regional ad buy, as well as a pre- or post-game ad.

It will be interesting to see if more companies lean towards advertising digitally in next year’s Super Bowl.

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February 4, 2016
Written by Brandon

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