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Intern Spotlight: Marlo Colabella


We recently chatted with Marlo, our Fall 2016 Social and Digital Media intern, about her interests, her internship at PPI, and how she kinda, sorta knows how to play a ukulele! Keep reading to get know a bit about Marlo.


Intern Spotlight


Where do you go to school?

The College of New Jersey


What are you studying?

Communications and marketing


What’s been your favorite college course so far?

My favorite college course that I have taken so far would have to be Strategies of Public Relations. I loved this course because we were treated like professionals and our main semester project was to create an actual PR plan with an existing business. A lot of work was involved, but it was rewarding to see our business take our ideas seriously and implement them into their store.


What is a typical day like when you come into PPI?

Typically, I come in and start working on whatever assignments Devon or Leigh give me. If it’s the beginning of the week, I usually start by scheduling tweets and posts for Daily Fit log on Hootsuite for that week. Then I usually work on a content calendar. I sometimes conduct research for different projects being worked on in the office. Every day here, I’m given different things to work on, which keeps it interesting.


What’s the strangest assignment you’ve been given so far?

Fortunately nothing really has been too strange or out of the ordinary thus far. But I’d say searching for images of hot chocolate with coconuts was pretty different.


What’s the assignment you’ve found the most interesting thus far?

The most interesting assignment so far would have to be completing the social media content for iTi Tropicals. I enjoy designing these the most because I get to be creative and I also have learned a lot about the company and their awesome products.


What class has been the most beneficial in terms of your internship responsibilities?

I would also say Strategies of Public Relations would have to be the most beneficial in terms of my internship responsibilities because part of the PR plan project required completing a media kit.  A lot of our media kit was focused around our businesses social media presence. Likewise, my previous experience with social media on this past project helped me with my social media responsibilities here.


Do you have any secret talents?

I can kinda sorta play the ukulele. I’m still in the process of learning though.


What else would you like to learn before your internship ends?

Before my internship ends I would like to learn more about what goes into creating some of the Twitter and LinkedIn ads that PPI runs for their clients.


We can make sure that happens. Thanks Marlo!




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October 28, 2016
Written by Brandon

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