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Key Takeaway from VoiceCon

As promised, here is a brief follow-up from my post on voice marketing after attending VoiceCon last week.

The inaugural VoiceCon in New York City last week was educational and inspiring. Presented by VaynerMedia, VoiceCon was a one-day conference on the state of Voice and Digital Audio, where consumer attention is being spent, and where emerging opportunities lie for marketers. When you experience over 10 hours’ worth of content, interaction, and visioning in a single day, it can be tough to nail down the overarching idea into one brief statement. After some reflection on everything that was shared and discussed at VoiceCon, my single most important takeaway from the experience is:

Voice is just starting. We are at the beginning. And it is indeed a watershed moment. Voice is going to dramatically change our lives and our businesses. Underestimate its potential at your own risk. Companies that don’t jump on voice marketing will fall. The stakes are larger, and the speed of adoption is so much faster.

So, here are some questions to ask yourself as a marketer:

  • Adwords started in the year 2000. How long did it take your brand to start reaping its benefits?
  • Podcasting started to catch hold in 2004. Has your brand embraced it yet, from either a content or sponsorship standpoint?
  • Do you still consider branding an important part of your business? Because in 2020, 50% of all searches will be done through voice, according to ComScore. Will people be asking specifically for your brand, or just generic category advice?
  • Were you slow to e-commerce, apps, or anything else adtech wise? Don’t be late to voice.

And, here are some recommendations to consider:

  • Buy an Alexa or a Google assistant for your work/business. Start using it daily from the perspective of your customers and clients. What answers or recommendations are being delivered? How are they recognizing your brand?
  • Learn more about Alexa’s “daily briefings” and “skills.” Does your brand have an opportunity to contribute, or create its own briefing or skill?

If you missed my previous article on how voice search may affect your business, check it out here!

Marketing Agency Blog Post Author of Key Takeaway from VoiceCon

May 29, 2018
Written by Chris Sullivan

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